CPR for Dentists

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CPR in Dental Practices: Chair Positioning

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in Dental Settings

Exploring CPR considerations within the dental profession and addressing practical chair positioning for effective CPR.

The Challenge of CPR in Dental Chairs

Unique Scenario: Handling cardiac arrest situations in the dental chair.

When a patient experiences cardiac arrest in the dental chair, specific considerations come into play.

Optimal Positioning for CPR

Maximising Effectiveness: Ensuring proper positioning for CPR within the dental chair.

While traditional CPR may pose challenges in a dental chair, the solid structure can be an advantage.

Laying the Chair Flat for Effective CPR

When the dental chair is fully reclined, it offers the best position for performing CPR.

Performing CPR in the chair minimises time wastage, unlike moving the patient to the floor.

Utilising the Chair for Compressions

Capitalising on Solid Support:

  • Adjust the chair to the flat position.
  • Deliver compressions directly onto the chair.
  • Enhanced stability and efficiency in CPR.

Adapting the Chair for Effective Compressions

Optimising CPR Technique: Modifying the dental chair for better compression delivery.

For patients in a typical dental position, adjusting the chair can enhance CPR efficacy.

Stabilising the Chair for Compressions

Steps for Effective CPR on the Dental Chair:

  1. Position the chair facing you.
  2. Lower the headrest to create a firmer surface.
  3. Apply compressions with a stable base for better results.

Teamwork and Accessibility

Collaboration and Accessibility: Facilitating efficient CPR delivery.

The dental chair's height and accessibility allow for effective teamwork during CPR.


Proper positioning within the dental chair during CPR can significantly enhance the efficiency of compressions and improve patient outcomes in emergency situations.