Optional basic life support practical by Zoom

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Enhance Your Learning Experience with a Practical Component

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Your Course

Enhance your online learning with a practical assessment for a comprehensive qualification.

Completing the Online Course

Start by finishing the online course module to lay a solid theoretical foundation.

Purchasing the Practical Kit

  • Visit our online store, accessible at the bottom of any page on our websites.
  • Purchase the inflatable manikin and skill evaluation session.

Scheduling Your Assessment

Upon receiving your manikin, contact us to arrange a virtual assessment via Zoom.

Options Post-Assessment

  • Retain the manikin for future training sessions.
  • Opt for a partial refund by returning the manikin.

Face-to-Face Training Opportunities

For a more hands-on experience, inquire about our in-person practical training sessions.

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