Dental Emergency Resuscitation Kits

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We are now going to look at the dental emergency kit. Now, what this is is a bag with everything you need in the dental practice from the AED to oxygen and all the other bits and pieces that are recommended and compulsory within the dental practice to have.

The bag itself is an Openhouse bag, so it is a good quality bag. It is designed to be strong, it is designed to have everything in one place, because if you have an emergency in the practice, you want to be able to grab one bag and get it, you do not really want to have the AED in one place, the oxygen somewhere else and other resuscitation bits and pieces in a box somewhere and also your emergency medications in another place. So this kit is designed to be all in one place and all there.

So on the front, you have got the defibrillator itself, it will fit any brand here, we have got the HeartSine one in here at the minute, but it will fit any brand, AED prep kit down this side. On the top is where you put your emergency medications, so all the required medications in the practice will all fit in that bag and this bag is designed to be removed out and goes back in there and it is secured down with a strap at the top, so it is not going to come out accidentally. So emergency meds on the outside.

The other reason we have the bag on the outside is to comply with regulations. You want to keep that secure, other times you can literally take that out, put it into secure locked containers and then you can remove that when you need to, pop it back in here, so it is visible and available and just secure it in place. Taking the kit, open, it is a standard kit, opens right up. So you can open that whole bag up and once it is open, everything is easy to access.

So we have got the oxygen cylinder here, there is a small window on the side here, so we can see exactly how much oxygen is in the cylinder. Everything is labelled, so we have got the emergency oxygen labelled here, so it is really obvious, suction in this section here, we have got a BVM adult, we have got other oxygen masks and also the required masks that go on the BVM, so different sizes of mouths going right down to a small size up to large. This side, we have got more of the masks in different sizes, a child BVM and at the top you have got your OP airways in a bag separately there. So this kit contains everything you are going to need to comply in the dental practice.

Now, we sell this kit either as an empty bag, so you can put all your bits and pieces in, or we sell the kits themselves with the bits and pieces you need individually, without the bag or with the bag. The only thing we do not directly sell is the oxygen, because we cannot sell that ourselves directly, but we can put you in touch, we are getting hold of oxygen at very low rates and this sort of cylinder works really well. The company we use gives you free replacement cylinders if you have to use one of the cylinders as well, so it makes it long term a much cheaper package.

If you are interested in that, just email us on and we can give you more information on oxygen. But this kit is everything you need and it makes sure that you can comply with all the requirements of CQC and the other associations you need to be working with and it keeps it in one place, which is much better.

For more information on any of these kits, just email us at, or we have got this kit on our website at