Portable Suction Units

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Preventing Vomit Inhalation During Resuscitation

1. Immediate Action Required

Clearing Vomit for Safe Resuscitation:

  • When conducting resuscitation, it's crucial to remove any vomit from the patient's mouth beforehand.
  • Avoid the risk of the patient inhaling vomit into their lungs during resuscitation.

2. Turning the Patient

Basic Vomit Removal Technique:

  • Turn the patient on their side to facilitate vomit drainage.

3. Utilizing a Portable Suction Unit

Advanced Vomit Removal Option:

  • In a medical setting, access to a portable suction unit is available.
  • The portable suction unit is a basic device equipped with a handle.
  • By squeezing the handle, you can effectively remove fluids obstructing the respiratory passage.
  • Collected fluids are stored in the connected tank for later disposal.

4. Disinfection or Disposal

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • After usage, the tank can be disconnected, allowing for disinfection or proper disposal of the unit.

5. Read Manufacturer's Instructions

Operating Guidelines:

  • Each portable suction unit comes with specific instructions.
  • It is advisable to familiarize yourself with these instructions in advance to be prepared for emergencies.