Dental Medications kits overview

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Emergency Equipment and Drugs in Dental Practices

Required Equipment and Drugs in Dental Practices

In a dental practice, essential equipment and drugs are necessary to handle emergencies effectively.

Key Emergency Equipment

Primary Emergency Equipment: Highlighting vital equipment like oxygen and advanced resuscitation tools.

Crucial Drugs for Dental Emergencies

Essential Medications: Discussing the importance of specific drugs in dental emergency situations.

Cardiac Emergencies

For cases of suspected myocardial infarction:

  • GTN Spray: 400 micrograms per dose
  • Aspirin Tablets: 300-milligram tablets (crushed or chewed)

Epileptic Seizures

Managing seizures with Midazolam: Buccal solution for rapid absorption.

Anaphylactic Emergencies

Addressing allergic reactions with:

  • 1:1000 Adrenaline prefilled syringe
  • Adrenaline ampoules (3)

Hypoglycaemic Emergencies

For conscious and unconscious patients:

  • Glucose Gel: Administer to conscious patients
  • Glucagon Injection: 1mg intramuscular injection for unconscious patients

Asthmatic Emergencies

Dealing with asthmatic emergencies using:

  • Volumatic Spacer Device
  • Salbutamol Inhaler: Up to 10 activations

Managing Medication Expiry Dates

Effective Expiry Date Management: Ensuring medications are within their use-by dates.

Record expiry dates in a diary or computerized system to stay updated on medication status.


Properly equipping dental practices with essential drugs and equipment is crucial for handling various emergency situations and ensuring patient safety.